August 9, 2010

A Blog a blog A Blog!!!!! a food blog?

well hello there......
ever since I can remember my dad and I have been exchanging food photos, and my mom and I have been exchanging recipes. Food is something that I think about a lot, perhaps you or someone you know can relate ie. discussions over lunch about what you will be having for dinner. Fortunately for my loved ones they get the wrath of my experimenting and when asked about what it is I give them the recipe step by step,...sometimes I feel like I should have photocopies and puppets ready when I start discussing whats in my meal....(blog?)

The inspiration for a food blog was not the idea of polluting the interweb with another "foodies" guide to food, but a online journal for forget full me, and well since it's on here I hope that some people find what I am making interesting enough to try it out....

photo by dad, photo in photo my graduation picture. dinner theme: thanksgiving.
The kind of stuff you will find on here is easy to make, semi creative largely produce based foods....since I grew up in San Diego with yummy homemade comfort type dinners I tend to cook in a similar way with a bit of a spin....we will talk about my mom's cooking throughout the blog.

The kind of stuff you won't see on here: things with the help of a box, I don't do cheap and fast for the sake of being cheap and fast, however the meals will tend to be cheap and fast with some helpfully hints and a good freezer.



  1. i gave your brother the biggest guilt trip at the store today for buying easy mac. at least i convinced him not to buy 16 reese's peanut butter cups. speaking of cheap and fast for the sake of being cheap and fast... p.s. yay! a blog!

  2. i thought he gave up peanuts? and easy mac? dusty, shame, at least get the annies easy mac it's a bit better.