Tell me about it!

Dear Food Enthusiasts or Cyberstalkers,

My name is Tanya Wheeler and I am the one responsible for this blog. I have been cooking all of my life, from making salads as a toddler, to spending my summers as a kid baking fancy breads. My diets have changed over the year from eating every yummy morsel my mom would make, to being vegetarian, to being vegan, to back to anything, to vegetarian again, to now. Now being clean. You may ask yourself, self what does she mean by clean? Well clean cooking is something kind of new to me as well, I stray from processed/packaged foods all together and only buy organic produce and meats. That's what you will find in this blog, rarely will I use prepared foods for anything, and if I do I will shamefully tell you. Honest. 

In the last year I stopped eating soy, gluten, hydro-anything, sugar and packaged stuff. All of my life I have always eaten tons of vegetables, but in the last 15 years I have been eating way too much prepared vegetarian food, both gluten and soy. After doing research I realized how bad that stuff is for you, and how the ingredients unless stated usually contain GMOs and are just as nutritionally awful as a bag of Cheetos

Suffering from having constant stomach problems and the inability to loose my adult acne (TMI?) I realized something has to give. My Sister in Law told me to read this great book and from that point on I exiled all of that fake food from my life, since then I have been able to shed some pounds, feeling happy without taking B-12, and finally have clear skin. Eating really does make a significant difference in the way you feel and behave. 

Since I started eating clean I realized I should probably up myself to the next level and eat local as well, not only is it more cost affective but it makes everything taste better knowing you are supporting smaller farms and your own community. Now each week I receive a weekly produce box from my CSA and I use that as a base for my recipes, this is the first year of my life that I have been eating seasonally and it has been remarkable. I believe our way of eating has made people disconnected with the earth and what is around us, as a society we get fat and take pills to deal with it. I just don't get it- no eight year old should be taking Pepto for heartburn (here is the pepto brand cookbook by the way), and no person should believe diet soda will make them thin. Sorry, it is true. 

I my self love cooking shows and eating shows and all of that stuff, however I feel bombarded with over sized burgers and how much one can miraculously shove in their pie hole. What has become of eating smaller portions and have natural flavors shine over tons of added fat and starch? It really upsets me to see recipe after recipe on websites and in cookbooks that promote a gross amount of excess items to complete a dish....sorry you wont find that here. 

This blog is an attempt to show how easy it is to cook food, and maybe show people how beautiful my food is because it came from less than 50 miles away- I hope you truly take inspiration from my blog and others that promote healthy food by default, just think about how your ancestors ate or how our society ate only 70 short years ago, and hopefully that will inspire you in the kitchen.