August 28, 2010

simple salmon cakes with a lemon cucumber arugula salad

so my logic on salmon cakes is this: I love them. But why spend about $15 to hack up a good piece of sustainable salmon for a salmon cakes? So my no canned food is kinda out the window on this one, but you will see no charlie in my kitchen cabinet, only prime canned stuff for this lady. 

This is another kitchen sink type recipe (which I find to be the best type) it is completely flexible, and I have done many variations and never with measuring implements....just check out the photos for a guide.

simple salmon cakes with a lemon cucumber arugula salad

what you need:

a can of (sustainable) salmon
1 egg
some crunchy vegetables:
sweet peppers
celery (leaves and all)
fennel (for flavor)
sesame oil
rice flour
red pepper flakes 

Step 0: open can (yes can) and drain the salmon.

Step 1: dice all of the dicable vegetables and toss them into a bowl (equal parts about 1/4 C. each), add the salmon, egg and spices. mix.
(taste before you add the egg to see if the seasonings are where you like them)

 start to heat a skillet (I like cast iron for this) with about 1-2 T. Sesame oil.

Step 2: the tricky part add about 1 T. of rice flour to your mixture you essentially want most the liquid to go away and look more a thick oatmeal than wet cat food....sorry I couldn't resist the two worst visualizations. Just make sure you add a little at a time and not too much you don't want dry cakes either.
should kinda look like this
Step 3: form into patties slightly smaller than the palm of your hand, think slider size all you good 'mericans. Drop onto pre-heated skillet. Cook for about 3-4 min. on each side or till golden brown- be sure to watch the temp and oil, you don't want to cook them too fast or else the flour won't dissipate.

Step 4: and since this was my quick lunch, I used a store bought wildwood organic vegan aioli with some chopped no-sun dried tomatoes to top it off. I will post my simple Aioli recipe on here though the next time I make it.

and since no meal should go lonely on a plate I made a quick lemon cucumber, arugula salad with a simple vinaigrette of EVOO, cider vinegar and mustard.

I think with taking photos I spent under 30min. making this. Next time you are at the store grab a can of salmon and keep for a lunch or dinner that you don't feel like dealing with.


  1. I agree about the tinned salmon
    If it's going to be minced I'd go with a can too!

  2. I've always wanted to try making salmon cakes, your look really good!

  3. Ooh, these look great! I am of the same opinion on canned salmon, it doesn't matter if you just chop it up. I also am stealing 'dicable' as a work, love it!