September 2, 2010

Weekly Produce Box Discussion

This week I received a tomato the size of a small baby and lots of other cool stuff. 
And I learned 3 new things this week!

1. Don't put tomatoes in the fridge, the turn mealy. Who knew?!

2. Zucchini looses it's flavor from vine to bite fast, so that is probably why most people think it has no taste when they buy it in the grocery store.

3. from my mom Store figs in a egg carton with a damp paper towel, rotating them often, they will stay good for up to a week. 

now to what I got!

Heirloom tomatoes
sweet peppers
mission figs
gala apples
bartlett pears
butter lettuce

Game Plan: I am thinking about making some homemade fun-free fig 'newtons' as in they will be gluten, sugar and dairy free....need to figure out how but I think it will rule. Also I am thinking crazy Mediterranean lamb burgers....mmmmm....I will be sure to keep you posted.


  1. tell me more about the newtons! also, i like your mom's egg carton tip! good 'ol joan! :)

  2. so i totally failed with creating my own figgy newtons last week, instead the figs went straight to yogurt and eating in pear salads....however I did stumble upon this recipe and can't wait to try it, not sure if I will post it since it's pretty clear on this other blog, but it looks amazing and can't wait.