If you would like to be more actively involved in the weekly produce box recipes and discussions you can join my CSA very easily (if you are in the Bay Area). If you aren't in the Bay Area here is a list of Community Supported Agriculture within the US.

Imagine you have the exact (or pretty close) same box as I, and then you have me to tell you what to do with it...win win! And you know what is even better? If you sign up I get a free box and you get $5 off your first box, but wait it gets better, pass the deal to all your friends as well- free boxes for all!!!!!! (I know I grew up in a family that sells things.....)

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oh how happy that box makes me!
Eating local, seasonal, sustainable food is the way to go, and this has been the cheapest and easiest way I have found personally. My diet is based on a non-processed organic diet, but I would much rather get an organic tomato from 25 miles away rather than Argentina. It makes more sense.