August 18, 2010


There are a few things in this world that I hate spending money on, one being bottled water the next being stock (or broth). It is really annoying that a box of organic broth can cost up to $5, while you can make a bunch at home with probably the remanence of the same scraps you are using with your boxed broth. And don't even get me started on the salt broth blocks that I used to drink when I was sick.....ugh this topic irks me, and I feel like a total jerk for buying into the boxed broth system for sooooo long!

(Chicken) Stock or Bust!

what you need:

practically anything left over from your cutting board ie:
carrots (tops and greens)
onions (peels)
celery (all parts except the dirty ones)
leeks (same as celery)
a protein if you so choose (I choose my left over chicken bones and giblets)
pepper corns
bay leafs
any fresh herbs you like and use often in cooking
bit of salt 
Big pot or Crock pot
note that I did remove all things edible from the chicken before I added it, as well as any fat and skin. Also the little silver baked potato looking packets are form a previous bird that have been store in the freezer.
Step 0: rinse and break up all veggies to prep for, make sure you don't get any dirt in the stock.

Step 1: throw everything in, add enough water to completely cover the top.

Step 2: Set it and forget it. (if in a crock pot leave for up to 6 hours for a stove top anywhere between 1-2 hours at a simmer)

Step 3: it should look like this when it is done.

Step 4: Strain the contents and viola broth! Store in the freezer or the fridge for quick use (I like the plastic soup to go containers to store in)
the left overs ready to be composted
Kitchen Tip:

If you don't have a fancy broth strainer a regular colander will work just as good. Either cover the bottom with cheese cloth to catch most the fat or put the broth in a container, stick it in the fridge and once cooled that fat will rise to the top and stick to the containers edges, just remove with a spoon and you are set! Like Alton Brown I prefer not to waste money on one hit wonders. 


  1. dusty makes killer chicken broth... and he loves alton brown... are you related or something?

  2. I am in love with you. I really enjoyed reading that. lol.

    Nothing beats home made broth/stock.
    I make regular chicken stock w/ bones, don't really put any veggies in the stock. I do put a clove of two of garlic into it. It's a natural steroid and general antiseptic.

    I store it and when I make a bowl of soup I add the veggies later.