August 26, 2010

Weekly Produce Box Discussion

This week is a very exciting week for produce, I GOT FIGS!!!!! I assume that half reading this can care less, however I freaking love me some figs with goat cheese and balsamic, also maybe fig bars....oh I can't wait till my day off.

What I got:

Lemon Cucumbers
Sweet Peppers
Hotttt!!! Peppers
Asian Pears
Really cute Summer Squash

Normally I would give you a game plan, but all I can think of is fig bars and a fig salad with goat cheese, arugula and asian pear. A salad, I know, but sometimes throwing everything into a bowl is just about the best thing out there......

I do forecast some type of stuffed peppers or italian peppers (as per josh)....

if you want to join just check out taste-o-vision at the top of the page for deats.

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