October 23, 2010

Salmon in a pouch over sauteed green beans with almonds

For me cooking sea food is a big deal now, I used to get whatever pink salmon was at the grocery store, but after research and a human heart, I couldn't eat that 'fish' anymore. Now I make sure to only buy sustainable fish IE wild caught Alaskan King Salmon, yes it will normally run you about $20/lb. but it's worth it and a 4oz. is all you really need.

Personally I believe salmon has started to become like chicken, if you visit a chain restaurant you will know what I mean. Stay away...buy it on sale and freeze it! Here is the Monterey Bay Pocket Guide for Seafood to help assist you with finding the best and most sustainable fish out there.

...Less of good protein is better than oodles of bad protein...words to live by...

Salmon is a Pouch

what you need:

(2) 4oz. wild caught alaskan salmon fillets (tail has less bone if you don't want to deal)
2 cloves garlic, grated
1 lemon zested, cut lemon into thin slices afterwards
Red Pepper julienned
fresh basil leaves
Parchment paper

Step 0: cut parchment into 12" long pieces, set asides. Pre-heat oven to 350˚.

Step 1: Place parchment on a baking sheet and arrange peppers in the center of the parchment put a couple lemon slices on top of peppers.

Step 2: Rinse and pat dry salmon, Place on top of peppers. Liberally sprinkle Salmon with Salt and Pepper, lemon zest, grated garlic and basil leaves. Drizzle a bit of lemon juice and EVOO (drizzle not douse) on top of the salmon.

Step 3: Fold pouches up. Use any technique that comes to mind, just remember you want to have easy access on checking it, making sure some steam can escape.

Step 4: Put in oven and cook for 15-20 min.

Tip: By cooking the salmon on top of the peppers it allows for all of the wonderful Omega 3 Fats to enter, you can do this with most fish and veggie combos.

Sauteed Green Beans

Green Beans
Butter or EVOO
Chopped Raw Almonds
Lemon Slices

Step 0: Trim ends of Green Beans and break into 1" pieces.

Step 1: Heat Butter on low in a pan with lemon slices and garlic.

Step 2: Add Green Beans and crank the heat to med. once almost soft add chopped almonds and heat till they turn brown, season to taste.

Plate: Green Beans, Red Pepper and Salmon on top.Eat.

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