April 6, 2011

Finger Foods!

My fantastic Sister in law and I were in charge of my Sister's baby shower a bit ago, of course I jumped at the opportunity to 'quasi' cater it while Julia the decorating queen took care of everything else...We wanted it to be charming and clean, finger foods and lemonade...Everyone had a great time and it was soooo worth  it seeing the smile on my very pregnant little sisters face...

the spread...note the beautiful flower arrangements 

cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese and watercress, Ladies don't eat crust!
cheese plate w/ baked brie, goat cheese w/ marinated and grilled asparagus and blueberry goat cheese log

meat plate w/ salami, ham and bread sticks wrapped in prosciutto (total hit, and stolen from my friend Dino)   
Crostini toasted with a drizzle of olive oil and garlic, smeared with goat cheese and covered with arugula and roasted asparagus
Meat and trees! Sirloin Steak pounded thin, smeared with blue cheese and wrapped around Asparagus, then popped in the broiler to a beautiful med rare.
Gift pops! At the end of the party everyone got to walk away with one of the homemade whales: made by adding melting chocolate into whale molds...

A few of the things that I learned while doing this, is that staying organized is key and knowing what and how people eat. We were left with some leftovers and fed 30+ hungry women to the brim. Also by elemenating the crock pot element from most showers we cut out the utensil and dishwashing aftermath. That being said, doing most the big stuff yourself cuts the cost, yes save some time by buying  dips and small things, but skip the party trays and make your own; it's surprising the quality and savings you will get this way. Also cut your own veggies up, the savings isn't huge but you do have the piece of mind of knowing how long your produce has been around...never trust carrots in water. 

Visit my wonderful sister in laws blog San Diego Songbird for more decorating tips!

....oh and yes, my sister gave birth to her very happy and healthy baby girl Ashlynn last month....

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