November 24, 2010

POM Punch!

Some like to think that they are having a party, however it can't truly be a party without Punch! I created this punch for my POM Wonderful dinner party and it blew my apron right off, consisting of lemon, ginger and POM wonderful how could you go wrong?

What you need:
A Big Ol' Decorative Punch Bowl
3 Lemons
2 Giant Cloves of Raw Ginger
2 16oz. POM Wonderful Juice
I used original and cranberry
40oz. Soda/Sparkling Water
1 Orange Sliced
1 Pomegranate worth of Arils 
Mint leaves for garnish

Optional: If your friends are booze hounds like mine, let them spike their own cups with Jameson, Makers Mark or Hendricks Gin- or whatever Spirit they fancy....

Step 0: The night before your gala make some ice cubes using the POM Wonderful Juice.

Step 1: Juice ginger and lemons, you might want to wear some protective gear while doing this, the ginger can get pretty strong. 
the lemon ginger remains
Step 2: In that big Ol' Punch Bowl you borrowed from your great-aunts china cabinet combine POM Juice, 1/4 to 1/2 C. ginger lemon juice (watch out it's a very powerful concentrate) and soda water, add more of either to get it where you like it. 

Step 3: Add Orange Slices, Pomegranate Arils, POM ice and gently torn Mint 
(tearing the mint emits the mint oil into the punch)

Voila! you just classed up your what might have been a boring party in three steps!!!!

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