November 23, 2010

Pom Wonderful-ly Amazing Party!!!!!

"When one gives thee a plethora of Pomegranates in yonder crate, don't take them for granted,  pass on your good fortune to thy neighbor, and thus will be rewarded with an abundance of admiration and complimentary feasts." 
-Ancient Greek Proverb

Warm Kitchenette Presents: 
A Pom-tatic Pom Wonderful Dinner Party!

Once I was accepted in to the POM Wonderful Dinner Party Challenge I decided to swing into faux Iron Chef mode and get to thinking a bit outside my comfort zone. I knew two things for sure; I want to do individual plating, no family style (oh why, oh why did I decide on that), and I wanted to incorporate pomegranate into ways that people would be shocked and awed, making sure that my guests would always reflect about that wondrous night back on November 14, the year 2010!

But food, friends and fun weren't the only thing on my mind...

Being that Pomegranates reflect health and vitality I knew that this party would be a fantastic way to kick off our fun-raising for this years AIDS LifeCycle ride (not to mention that having a party in red has more than just one meaning). Immediately I contacted POM Wonderful to clear it with them first, a representative got back to me super fast telling me that not only was it okay, but that POM Wonderful is a very generous company, encouraging and often giving their employees funds to donate with...After that email I was even more floored to be participating in this event, it's not often that you get a mass amount of "free" secret ingredients to work with, that you can turn into someones medical needs, or rent for one that can't work at the truly is Wonderful!

Now let's get to the Party!!!!

Let me set the table for your minds-eye and let us escape to that unseasonable warm night....

Eight friends arrive, a frantic Tanya is putting the final touches on her Bevvy and Bites, thankfully her wonderful boyfriend used his fantastic decorating skills to morph the SF Living/Dinning/Guest Room into a jovial setting complete with faux pomegranate garland, bright red streamers draped from the ceiling, and the most divine tulips wrapping up the penetrating color scheme of none other than red! Placing the fun gift totes from Pom on each guests seat waiting for them to tear into on their arrival. Only the finest  for my guests was used for plating, top of  the line Chinette and cutlery from the future...The only thing left was to present my compatriots with their very own pomegranate to savor at most cultures the gift of fruit represents the gift of return I asked for a donation to help with protecting life...all obliged and I raised $160 for the AIDS LifeCycle ride in June...

For your viewing pleasure a magical
Pom-tastic Dinner Party!

Warm Kitchenette's Version of:
How to Open a Pomegranate
The Menu:
A Mediterranean influenced menu made entirely of Local, Sustainable and Organic Ingredients. 
Bites & Bevvy
Topped with creamed goat cheese, mascarpone and Pomegranate Caviar 
 POM Dolmas
Grape Leafs stuffed with Brown Rice, Pomegranate Arils, Shallots and Mint
POM Hummus
chickpeas, garlic, toasted cumin, tahini, lemon and POM juice 
garnished with pomegranate seeds and parsley
Spicy POM Prawns
Grilled skewers with a Glaze of Pom Wonderful reduction, sriracha, horseradish and garlic
POM Punch
Juiced Ginger and Lemon, POM-Cranberry Juice, Soda water
garnished with Pom ice-cubes, Orange Slices and Pomegranate Arils
POM-mond Salad
Field Greens with toasted Almonds, Pomegranate Arils, and Valbreso Sheep's Milk Feta
POM reduction Vinaigrette with walnut and Olive Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar
POM Braised Lamb Shanks over Israeli Couscous
Grass fed Lamb shanks Braised in a Pom Wonderful, Pomegranate Aril Reduction with Lemony, Date, Pomegranate and Mint Israeli Couscous
Frangipane Tart with POM Wonderful poached Pears on a Gluten-Free Almond Crust
Served with drizzled POM Caramel and Pom-Almond infused whipped cream 

Thank you for visiting my party!
I can't tell you how much fun, and exhausting it all was, but very worth it in my opinion...I encourage you to leave any questions or comments you may have...

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  1. As an active participant I enjoyed the POM dinner on many levels. It captured many interesting quandaries I had toward pomegranates in every day meals. I was floored to know how versatile and delicious the flavors were in so many different dishes and cocktails! We had such a great meal experience. Thank you for a treating us to a new twist on the Mediterranean flavor with the POM!