February 12, 2011

rustic grass fed pot roast...set it and forget it!

If there were 365 days of Pot Roast I would be a happy lady!
Shall I say more? This is such a simply divine way to dine after creating a disaster of Christmas Armageddon in your living room....Since we are fatties that love left overs I got a 4 lb. cut for two...romantic huh?

What you need:
A really good butcher.
4 lbs. of grass-fed (local preferred) Chuck Roast Center cut, have butcher tie it up or do it yourself.
5 cloves Garlic
1 Leek Chopped
1/2 lb. Mushrooms Sliced
4 Carrots quartered
1 Onion Quartered
1 lb. Yukon gold Potatoes
1 C. Red Wine
3 C. Organic low sodium beef broth
fresh herbs (parsley, sage, marjoram, thyme and oregano)

Step 0: Rinse and pat dry roast, salt and pepper.

Step 1: Slice 3 cloves of garlic. Make small slices into beef and insert garlic.

Step 2: Drizzle EVOO into a hot dutch oven, place beef into dutch oven and brown, for a large roast this can take about 20min.

Step 3: Remove roast set aside, turn down heat and add a bit of EVOO, add leeks to dutch oven and sweat down.

Step 4: Chop remaining garlic and add to leeks, then add mushrooms and Onion, S&P.

Step 5: pump up heat and add red wine in small amounts, when it reduces add beef broth and return roast. Add Carrots and Potatoes, fresh herbs and more S&P. Cover with lid and put in oven. Get back to the Christmas story and start hitting the hot toddies!

Step 6: When meat fork tender (about 3 hours I say) it is ready. remove roast and let rest, remove carrots and potatoes and put on a serving plate with roast- with the remnants in the pot either use a potato masher or an emersion blender and make into a sauce.

Step 7: Make a happy plate and smother in gravy....shown with a pear, almond, blue cheese salad...


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