September 9, 2010

Weekly Produce Box Discussion

I have been dealing with a load of tomatoes and I love them and don't want them to go away, it's kind of this hoarding desire to hold off on using them all...I do that with food I know I don't have an endless supply of (like my figs that I ate one at a time savoring every last figgy bite). This week you get to look forward to mama meme's marinara sauce, a truly special treat....and a great way to use and store unused tomatoes for the future in the fridge.

Let's Rap about what I got this week:

Pair of Bartlett Pears
Gaggle of tomatoes
Precious Heirloom Toms
Purple Peppers
long red pepper
finger potatoes
huge radishes
oh and the most fragrant Basil that is making my fridge smell like it's from Italy. 

Back to tomato seriously I can't even describe how amazing they are right now, especially the heirlooms, some times it seems blasphemous to do anything with them other than tomato salads, like I mentioned before I have a food hoarding issue as well as a if you love it so much don't mess it up mentality. Most can be said with the contents of this weeks box as well....except for those potatoes that will be getting braised with some lamb later this week and that broccoli that will get turned into something non-boring (pinky swear). The highlight though will be Mama Meme's Sauce...Can't Wait!!!!


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  1. is that one of coco's squeaker toys?! it's amazing! but why is it sitting on people food? i heart heirlooms... and you!